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Mental Health Strategies UK
t/a The Therapy Couch International


Dr. Rod Waddington MTH, PhD, CPTF, CHT


Natalie Waddington BA, HED, ACE, CPTF, CHT

"Making a difference, the sky's the limit, so be limitless!"


Trauma, Addiction, Weight Management, Quit smoking

077466 82962
                                                                                                 DBS Clearance Cert. No 01764224435
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Hypnotherapy & Parts Therapy

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of trance that we enter into naturally and normally all on our own on a daily basis.  It is a heightened  state of focused attention,  increased muscle

relaxation and suggestibility.  Many psycho-somatic illnesses and unresolved emotional issues relate to events, feelings and images that have been locked into the sub-conscious mind. Hypnosis is the key that unlocks the sub-conscious mind. 


Parts Therapy is a hypnotherapy process that allows clients to resolve inner - conflicts. When there is inner-conflict clients self-sabotage, procrastinate, amongst other things and do not reach their full potential. Many present with issues such as anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, addiction, anger and frustration.




Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a rapid change model for personal growth and  mental health. It can be used with individuals, families or organisational groups.  NLP works with processes and structures allowing the facilitator to work content free and allows the client to own the process and outcomes.

Bandler, Grinder and Pucelik in the mid seventies, followed by Dilts and Andreas developed a model that became know as NLP. It works on the neurology using language to change beliefs and behaviour. NLP patterns and  techniques bring about change quickly and eloquently.



Mental Space Psychology

The idea of space and our relationship to space has grown in popularity amongst social and cognitive scientists. We draw on Derk's Social Panorama and Clean Language - Clean Space  models in psychology to assist clients.  These models help clients understand how they relate space internally and how these relationships are used externally in a social context. By listening carefully to the clients metaphors related to space, helps to unlocks many psychological blocks for clients.

James Lawley, Penny Tompkins and Marian Way have extended the work started by David Grove that is known as Clean Language Clean Space. We utilise some of their  techniques to allow clients to discover the relationships they have to issues they want to deal with. 



Coaching & Mentoring

The Coaching process helps individuals and groups to establish strategic pathways and strategies that are aligned with clearly agreed and  defined goals. We help clients to use the Tree of Life, Balanced Wheel of Life or GROW models to flourish in life and business.


Mentoring is an important step in our Training programme. If you train with us you are then placed on a unique mentoring programme for 6 months where we walk the path with you. We will mentor you so that the skills you learnt in training can be applied in practice.  This will allow you to become competent and a force for good in the world.

Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

Our approach is client centred and outcome based. We facilitate our sessions from the client's frame of reference, language patterns, thinking styles and belief systems. The sessions are focused on getting the best results for  our clients rapidly as per their desired outcomes. Many clients need a single session, others may need two or three depending on their commitment to the process. We work from a loving and caring position, firmly believing that our clients are not broken , only stuck, and that they have all that is necessary inside of themselves to make the necessary changes.

Your Go To Therapists
About Us

Natalie is a qualified secondary school teacher specialising in School Guidance, English and Mathematical Literacy. She is a qualified Parts Hypnotherapy Facilitator using Roy Hunters approach and a Qualified Hypnotherapist. She studied with the University of South Africa (UNISA), the Nelson Mandela University and South African Institute of Hypnosis (SAIH).

Rod has worked in the corporate world (Barclays Bank and Volkswagen). Academically he lectured at a Teachers Education College where he became Rector. He was an HRD Manager at a  TVET College. He studied at  UNISA and did his Doctorate at the North-West University.  He is a Parts Facilitator,  Hypnotherapist, NLP and Neuro-semantics Practitioner, an ODETDP Practitioner, Assessor, Moderator and author.

Getting Help

We offer individual face to face therapy sessions and online (Skype, Face Book Video and Zoom) sessions for individuals and families. Over and above the therapy sessions we also offer corporate group sessions, consulting and  training sessions.

Give us a call today to find out how best we can assist you, your family or organisation.

(44)+77466 82962


Stress, Anxiety, Depression


Trauma, Addiction, 

Self Esteem


Quit Smoking, Weight Loss



Confidence, Public Speaking, Studying

Personal & Family Relationships

Rod Waddington is an amazing therapist with an abundance of skills. I have had the privilege to learn from Rod, and I highly recommend him. He is always open and willing to assist.

Elvis, A CHT.  Age 35

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