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Coaching and Mentoring are to two different concepts. Coaching finds its roots in the sports terrain, but since the eighties has been successfully applied to individuals, teams and business executives.  Coaching is used when clients want to get the best out of themselves and others, hence it focuses on performance. The Coach becomes the sounding board for the client to find clarity, set goals, workout strategies (game plan) and hone skills and attitudes to win in the game of life, business, sports, politics, relationships and family life, to name but a few.  At the Therapy Couch International we draw on a number of models such as Neurosematics' Meta-Coaching model, the GROW Model, the Wheel of Life and Tree of Life models.  Depending upon the client's needs we are flexible enough to utilise the best model, or a combination of models to coach the client to success. Coaches must be attentive and caring listeners, astute observers, eloquent communicators and skilled in modalities that can best assist the client to achieve peak performance.

Mentoring is another tool that can be used effectively in a client's development. Mentoring takes place when assistance is needed in the application of learned skills and behaviours.  Many people have theoretical knowledge, but cannot apply it in practice, normally due to a lack of confidence or gaps in knowledge. When you train with us, we place you on a Mentorship programme for six months, so that you have the finesse, confidence, and ability to apply your skills, behaviour and attitudes in any given context. During this period we will assist you telepathically and /or monitor your progress with written support. 

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